How to Improve Your Tennis Backhand

Tennis Backhand Tips From Dmitry Druzhinsky

Dmitry Druzhinsky on How to Improve Your Tennis Backhand

Tennis can be a difficult game to master, and one of the most difficult aspects is the backhand. This is why Dmitry Druzhinsky News has put together this post on how to improve your tennis backhand. The backhand stroke is an effective way to strike the ball when it comes in on the side of your body that is not dominant. Many people have trouble learning the backhand stroke, but knowing how to improve the tennis backhand can drastically improve your game.

The first thing to do is to wait for the ball in the correct position, says Dmitry Druzhinsky. This means standing with your knees bent with both hands holding the racket positioned in front of your. This position will have your body ready to switch grips quickly depending on where the ball comes.

Many people hit into the net when they are first learning the backhand according to Dmitry Druzhinsky. Often this is because the tennis player is hitting late, and this is very common when it comes to the backhand. The backhand stroke has a different timing than the forehand stroke, and it can throw a tennis player off. Practice hitting the ball further forward so that your racket has opened up more on the swing. This will ensure that the ball goes higher.

Another problem that the backhand swing presents is that the ball often goes more to the right than intended. Dmitry Druzhinsky says that being able to accurately aim the ball is essential for playing tennis well, so it is important to learn to aim the backhand tennis stroke. This problem is often caused by players being too close to the ball. Practice your backhand swing over and over so that you know when you will need to take a step back in order to hit the ball with accuracy.

Mastering the backhand swing is essential to successfully playing tennis. By following some of these tips, you will have a great backhand in no time and you will have drastically improved your overall tennis game.


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