Roger Ferderer Looking For More Wins in 2014

17-time Grand Slam Winner Confident for 2014

Tennis pro Roger Federer is looking for more wins in 2014 and Dmitry Druzhinsky News is reporting about the steps he is taking to accomplish that. Some may have begun to count Roger Federer out because of his disappointing early exits at both the US Open and Wimbledon this year. Others point to his declining in the overall rankings. However, the tennis legend says not so fast. Roger Ferderer Looking For More Wins in 2014 - Dmitry Druzhinsky NewsThe 17-time grand slam record winner announces 2014 will be his year again. His belief is due in part to “the fun” coming back to his game as he said. No one should count the great one out just yet. Federer is so determined to get back into his old form that he has decided to cast aside his off-season exhibitions in order to concentrate and take part in more stringent training. Roger is doing all this so he can be ready for the coming year. His fans and those of us here at Dmitry Druzhinsky News wish him the best. You can read the entire post Confident Federer gunning for success in 2014 here.


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