Crackdowns Causing Awkward Moment For Andy Murray

Reporters for Dmitry Druzhinsky news platform began putting together some of the ways the crackdowns are causing awkward moments for Andy Murray, the pro tennis player in this article. When was the last time that you had to be somewhere important, and an unexpected last minute snag threatened to make you late? It is more than inconvenient; it is annoying, frustrating, and, depending on the situation, totally obnoxious. But whatever it was that you had to do, it likely isn’t on par with meeting the future King of England.

Dmitry Druzhinsky News on Pro Tennis Player Andy Murray
However, that’s exactly what happened to Wimbledon champion Andy Murray on October 17th, when, while on the way to meet with Prince William, Murray ran into a bit of a snag that, sadly, has become the hazard of his job.

At 8:20 AM GMT, Murray received a home visit to do a random drug test, checking that he was not using any form of performance-enhancing drug. These random checks, which have become increasingly common for athletes in most major world sports, are not something you can simply reschedule. Regardless of what you may be involved in, from a birthday party to a fundraising gala, when the investigators show up, you are required to submit, or face punishment ranging from a finem to more harsh penalties, depending on the sport.

Mr. Murray was on his way to Buckingham Palace to receive an Officer of the Order of the British Empire medal from the Prince, who was standing in for his mother, Queen Elizabeth. Murray tweeted “In the middle of a drug test hahaha I’m goin to be late!!!” but thanks to a cabbie that understood the situation, Mr. Murray arrived on time to receive his honor.

“You hear stories like this, and on some level, they make you laugh,” remarked Dima Druzhinsky. “Although it is funny, the less humorous side is that we live in a sports environment where we have to drug test athletes to make sure that no one is getting an edge or damaging themselves and others.”

Andy Murray would be the first one to agree with that. After the incident, he stated, “It’s part of the job but when you have a day like today that you were looking forward to, it’s the last thing you need.” And truly, no one wants a special day like that marred by a drug test.

The greater issue, of course, is the need for these tests after so many high profile sports stars around the world were revealed to be users of performance enhancing drug. In addition, with well-funded industries growing around making newer, better, and less detectable enhancers, the regulating agencies have their work cut out for them.

“What everyone wants is simple,” Mr. Drushinsky goes on to say.  “The sports world deserves athletes that made it there through hard work and dedication, not from a needle or a pill. The sport deserves it, but really, the fans deserve it too. Athletes owe it to themselves and their families to lay off the stuff, and just compete.”


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